Don’t Waste Your Money on “The Interview”

I’m not one for throwing out conspiracy theories based on gut instinct, but the entire “The Interview” controversy smells like a rat.

We’re supposed to believe that North Korea, one of the most industrially backwards nations in the world, a nation that has to send its iron ore to China because it lacks the technology to refine it, managed not only to launch a cyber-attack on Sony, but terrified theater owners everywhere in the country into canceling all showings of the film out of fear? We’re supposed to believe they would have engaged in further cyber-attacks, with the potential threat of invasion by the United States, all over outrage of a film mocking their leader?

And, of course, now that “The Interview” is conveniently back in theaters, we’re supposed to see it to financially support Sony support freedom of speech. Had a North Korean filmmaker produced a similar film about the U.S. president being assassinated in a comical manner, and had the U.S. government launched a cyber-attack against them, would anyone in Hollywood be defending the film on the grounds of free speech?

So what really happened? I don’t know, but as someone who works in the media, I can tell you people are always, always on the lookout for free publicity, especially when the hype compensates for the lack of  content in the actual product.

In her negative review of the film, Los Angeles Times‘ Betsy Sharkey makes a telling observation.

“[W]ithout Kim’s outrage, and the U.S. outrage at his outrage, ‘The Interview’ would have been a little blip on a box office chart, soon forgotten. Just one more R-rated credit on Rogen’s ever-growing IMDB list.”

Films should be seen and critiqued based on their value as art, not the controversy surrounding it.

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4 Responses to Don’t Waste Your Money on “The Interview”

  1. D says:

    I would rather people went to go see ‘the interview’ than ‘american sniper’. You want to write an article on that movie or the book let me know, it has more holes than sieve. The biggest being the way the SEALs baited people in Iraq in order to get their kill scores higher. Its sick stuff. And the way the neocons are slobbering all over this movie, I don’t understand why more soldiers aren’t coming forward to talk about how the SEALs created way more insurgents than they ever killed, resulting in even more soldier deaths. Sorry about the off-topic rant.


    • Agreed, I have no intention of seeing American Sniper, either.


      • D says:

        Since you are a journalist maybe you can give me your thoughts on why no one is willing to write a book investigating all these recent SEAL books (there are some no. SEAL books as well that are pretty foawed but nobody is buying them). The stories are completely falsified. Take lone survivor for instance. The SF team that developed the intel decided not to run the op because the risk was too high, there was no boy, they just picked a bad hide site and there was no explosion that knocked mark wahlberg off the mountain, the dude jumped and ran as fast as he could. I think a book investigating these things would sell really well, although the neocons would hate you, but like you said-publicity is always good.
        But on the subject of the interview, I was under the impression that the north korean ‘hackers’ were based out of china and were taught by the chinese. If this is the case then wouldnt they have the ability to do what they did?


      • I work at a small weekly newspaper so my coverage is confined to the city I work in, but I am also skeptical of these SEAL books that have come out. Why no one is looking into it I couldn’t say. Maybe someone is and they aren’t telling anyone until it’s published.

        Even if the hackers were in China I would be still be skeptical. It just doesn’t explain how it scared off movie theaters from showing it out of fear of hacking. The whole thing just sounds fishy.


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