PSA Shows “Gun Safety” is A Code Phrase for Gun Control

If you have any doubts as to the true intentions of gun safety groups, a newly released video will put them to rest. Earlier this month, Sleeper 13 Productions released a PSA titled “Stop Gun Violence.” It needs to be seen to be believed.

Any child who went through with this would be guilty of several felons. Just how safe is it to have a child walk through his school with a gun in his backpack? What if it were discovered by the safety officer before he turned it into a teacher? And considering that students have been suspended for turning in beer they accidentally grabbed from their fridge or just twirling their pencil in the air, do the makers of the video really intend for students to emulate this behavior?

Had it been merely about gun safety, wouldn’t the child have gone to his father or mother and insisted they get a safe to keep the handgun in? Wouldn’t the video have been about safety precautions that every responsible gun owner should abide by?

Videos like this are designed to impress upon children that private ownership of guns is scary. You will never see one in which a student takes away the school safety officer’s gun and gives it to his parent because “I don’t feel safe with a gun in my school.” Nor would this child have done it if his parents had been in the military.

When people talk about advocating “gun safety,” what they really mean is that gun safety is when only the state owns guns. It has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with teaching children to fear men with guns – unless that person has a government badge.

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