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Why Americans are Stupid (Like Everyone Else)

Recently Americans have taken to lash out at a man named Jonathan Gruber. A few weeks ago, no one had heard of him. Now, he is all over the headlines. Why? Because he did something you’re not supposed to do … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Can’t Talk

Why Johnny Can’t Speak While reading a book on the degradation of education in society, I came across the following passage: Have you ever, in listening to a debate among adult and presumably responsible people, been fretted by the extraordinary … Continue reading

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The New “Lost” Generation

Note: My apologies for the length of this column. When torn between a desire for both brevity and thoroughness, I felt compelled to sacrifice the former in order to achieve the latter on a topic which is more personal than other subjects. Folks familiar with World … Continue reading

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The Death of Language and Meaning of Words

Why Language Matters As a writer, I obviously take a particular interest in language. Because of this, and for other reasons, I can’t help but notice the decline of the language in America and how it seems to be inversely … Continue reading

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