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Marysville High School Shooting and gun control

The whole gun control debate, particularly following the Marysville High School shooting that took place in my area, has compelled me to say something unpleasant, but necessary. Out of all the political discussions we have in America, this is without … Continue reading

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You might be a Christian Statist if….

Having grown up in the Church my entire life, I have come to recognize the influence of the State on people who attend worship services. They are there ostensibly to worship God, but they actually belong to the American Civic Religion which, incidentally, … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality Advocates Rejoice As They Receive Permission to Wed from Their Wise Overlords

The other day the Supreme Court deferred to appeal courts on their rulings overturning state bans on gay marriage, to the delight of progressives and “marriage equality” advocates everywhere. I live in Seattle, so you can imagine what the response has been … Continue reading

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The American Exceptionalism Civic Religion

The belief in “American Exceptionalism” is often thrown around by political conservatives. To them, this is their civic religion. You cannot get the conservative vote in this country without giving the correct answer to this litmus test.

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