Satanic Children’s Book and Public Schools

Another problem with public schools is they complicate beyond reason certain issues that in the private sector would never arise.

For example, if Christians are allowed to distribute Bibles, can Satanists distribute their own literature? A Florida judge has ruled yes.

No doubt the ruling will drive the parents of Christian students nuts, but unless you’re opposed to state-run schools, you have no right to complain. If your child can pray and hand other kids Bibles and Christian literature and talk about their faith, why can’t others do the same?

In fact, if you can’t ban Satanic literature, why should schools be able to ban pornography? Who are they, after all, to enforce their views on other people who might not share them?

Private education wouldn’t deal with this, because parents wouldn’t feel the need to have their kids promote their faith in the school. Chances are the school instills those values already. Plus, they can always withdraw their child and cease paying for the school if they choose at any time for whatever reason.

Instead of bickering over Satanic literature, schools should be teaching kids something worthwhile…..maybe how to read, write, and speak coherently without having to use the word “like” five times in, like, you know, like every sentence?

When you inject politics into schools by making their funding compulsory, you get battles over the most ridiculous matters.

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