Passing thought on Phoenix Airport Lockdown

This account of the lockdown at the Phoenix Airport yesterday made me speculate as to future repeats, but on a larger scale.

The writer, John Keller, remarked “Yes, I’m glad there is security to catch an armed assailant, but 100+ officers and a 3 hour delay for 10,000+ people just doesn’t make sense in terms of proportionality or likely risk.”

No, but it makes sense if you’re teaching people to accept mass detention under the pretext of locating a few dangerous individuals.

For example, imagine if the the FBI said there were five to six terrorists in a major metropolitan area, like New York and essentially detained everyone in their homes within a neighborhood? Or perhaps even an entire borough? We saw this in Boston last year.

What if this detention became permanent, in order to “maintain security”?

Just a passing thought.

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