High school student tackled to the ground by three police officers over cell phone use

The student in question is 4 ft. 10 inches, and 70 pounds. The officers, as you can see in the video, are obviously twice her size and weight, without all the GI Joe-style gear. And there are three of them.

The commenters for the story are typical in how they excuse the blatantly Mafioso-style handling of the student.

The girl should have obeyed authority, should have given up her cell phone, should have done what she was told by her betters.

All of them are possibly true. They are also irrelevant. If a parent stuck their knee on their child’s neck and handcuffed them for taking a Tootsie Roll from the kitchen cabinet without permission, what would bother you more? The kid taking the candy, or the parent’s disciplinary measures? It’s all about reacting within reason. If the kid was trying to shoot someone with a gun, that is a different matter.

Let me provide an alternative perspective on this, especially for the men. Let’s say you had a daughter, or a sister. How would you feel if you knew your sister or daughter was dating or married to an officer like this, who has no compunction about tackling a young girl to the ground and shoving his knee on her head because she resisted “authority”? Better yet, what would you think of man who told you he responded to a tense situation with a young female by exerting his physical dominance?

Would you tell yourself, “Oh, that’s just him doing his job. It bears no reflection on his personal life”?

Or, perchance, would you ask yourself, “How do I know he won’t do the same to my sister/daughter whenever she upsets him?”

There are times when violence, sometimes lethal violence, is needed to restrain violent criminals. The key words in that is ” violent criminals.” A rebellious teenager trying to find out if her mother is alright and refuses to give up her cell phone to the vice principal at the most needs guidance and correction, not a knee in her neck while being handcuffed. She wasn’t distributing nude photos of herself to her boyfriend.

Notice the total cowardice of the school officials. When confronted with a defiant student, they call the cops, rather than deal with the situation themselves. We are talking about a 70 pound teenager. If you feel so threatened by an unarmed teenager shorter than five feet that you call the police to deal with them, you shouldn’t be allowed near children.

Let’s not be naive. The officials knew what would happen, what tactics and methods they would use on her.

It was without irony I discovered the motto for the high school is “In the Halls of Sam Houston, there are no strangers.”

No. Just costumed thugs who resort to violence under the protection of the State.

Observe that these incidents always occur at government-run schools. No principal in their right mind would ever contact the police at a private school over such a trivial affair. Every parent would be calling for their head on a platter the next day. As someone who attended a private school for 13 years, I can tell you their career would be over before they knew what hit them. Some might say that private school students are better behaved, but you would be surprised. I had my fair share of trouble, and they were far worse than anything this girl did.

Nothing is going to change, however, as long as we have the education system in its current form.

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5 Responses to High school student tackled to the ground by three police officers over cell phone use

  1. Dom says:

    Just out of curiosity, what would they have done at a private school? Good article.

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    • The Question says:

      Just as an example from my own experience: One kid who was particularly troublesome threw a small rock at my head on the playground. It didn’t cause a lot of pain, but I still tackled him to the ground and pinned him there until the recess teacher pulled me off of him. The kid was disciplined, but not handcuffed and charged with assault, while I got lectured about “turning the other cheek.” I also got into physical confrontations with kids but at the worst we ended up in the principal’s office and read the riot act before we were told to shake hands and forgive one another. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked.


  2. SalvaVenia says:

    Government school or not, why not sue both, the school as well as those police officers, to the ground? Couldn’t think of anything like that over here without all parties concerned loosing their jobs streightaway.


    • The Question says:

      I completely agree, though ultimately it will only work if a legal precedent is set that allows for students to collect damages when school officials call the police for unnecessary reasons, of which I wish I could be more optimistic about. They’ll give some excuse, saying principals need to be able to call the police whenever they feel threatened and not have to be concerned about being sued.

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