Naked celebrities and the NSA

I enjoy reading about celebrities about as much as a decaying molar slowly rotting in my mouth (an experience I have endured, so the comparison is appropriate). The whole hullabaloo about several females having privately stored nude photos stolen and put online is no different.

What really irked me was the outrage people had over this whole affair, in which not-so modest ladies whom they worship had their photos taken from them by hackers.

We heard the screams of “victim-blaming” when individuals tactlessly suggested the girls were to blame for their mishap by storing such photos online due to to the obvious fact that the Internet is never 100 percent secure.

Meanwhile, the average joe schmo and his wife and kids are getting searched at the local airport by people who can see his wife’s exposed body and comment on it, while granny, blind and half senile, is getting fondled in her wheelchair by a TSA agent because she “might” be a terrorist threat.

It’s nice the masses of Boobus Americanus care so much about the privacy of ultra-rich celebrities, whose careers will only profit from the literal and metaphorical exposure. These mouth-breathing types insist their favorite star be treated with respect and come rushing to their defense whenever their (questionable) character is impugned.

Mind conveying this outrage at your government, while you’re at it? You do know they’re doing this same thing on a mass scale?

This is why my reaction was one of indifference. So what if some hackers got a hold of nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence? The NSA has been doing it for years. As John McClane from Die Hard remarked, welcome to the party, pal. I’d wager 10 to one someone in the NSA got the same photos. Any takers?

Just to CYA (cover your a**) I obviously don’t condone hacking and stealing people’s nude photos – the fact I have to point this out rankles me to no end.

It’s just hard to express outrage at a relatively small atrocity when the people who are furious about it ignore greater atrocities merely on the basis of popularity and physical appearance. These women are beautiful, therefore it is wrong.

Average Joe, on the other hand, is a despised member of the Pariah in our political caste system, so his rights are not worth defending.

What this talk of rights, citizens? Get back to work so others may benefit from your labor, as is just! Stop resisting the fatherly supervision of your wise overlords, who spy on you day and night to make you safe! How are we going to win the War on Terror unless we know everything about everyone? This talk of the Fourth Amendment smacks of deviationism! Counterrevolutionary ideas will not be tolerated!

It’s amazing what people will tolerate when it’s the government, rather than a collection of socially misfit perverts, engaged in the spying and peeping Tom behavior. Or the excuses they come up with to legitimize it. Would anyone buy the notion that celebrities should expect to have their rights violated because it’s the price they pay for being famous, and if they don’t like it they can leave?

Yet how many times do we hear about how we need the NSA to spy on us for our own good and steal our private online information to keep us safe. And if you don’t like it, you can leave!

Taki Magazine writes:

But where were all these people back in mid-July when NSA leaker Edward Snowden claimed that government employees routinely shared naked photos of average American citizens? The most likely answer is that they were all in Obama’s back pocket, sniffing his butt.

People should not keep naked photos of themselves on the Net. Not because it’s “victim-blaming.” Not because you “don’t know what’s out there.” We know what’s out there. The NSA, and they’re spying on us because Americans are willing to let it happen.

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