Salon really doesn’t like libertarians, or know what it means to be one

Salon strikes me as the magazine for kids who in high school spread gossip and hearsay about the outcasts but didn’t have the courage to actually go speak to them and find out what they are actually like.

It was to my surprise, therefore, when I discovered they actually allowed a libertarian to set the record straight.

I’m sorry; did I say “set the record straight?”

My apologies. I really meant “published the ramblings of another ‘recovering’ libertarian,” who thinks that the Liberty Movement engages in too much hero worship of Ron Paul.

Nevermind all the brouhaha in 2007-08 from liberal sycophants about how Obama was the “Messiah” and “The One,” complete with a creepy children’s sing-along song containing lyrics that would make even a caesar-worshiping Roman wince at the idolatry.

Even true “Ronbots” could explain his political stances and why they agreed with him. Their adoration was intellectual.

Meanwhile, trying to find an Obama supporter in 2008 who actually knew his voting record, or anything about him at all, was like finding a teetotaling virgin in Cancun during Spring Break.

Speaking as someone who served as a Ron Paul delegate in my local precinct and district caucus in 2008 and 2012, the best thing I ever heard someone say about the man was that he was America’s last true statesmen.

This writer is no different than a previous Salon column written by a “former” libertarian who thought the Liberty Movement was all about progressive values when it fact it allows people of different backgrounds to practice their beliefs in peace.

What? We can’t have that! Society must be organized violently! It’s the only way, I tell you!

These columns bring up something I’ve observed in the libertarian movement and during Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, confusing libertinism with libertarianism.

Among our ranks are people who do not get the true meaning of individual freedom, or the concept of libertarianism as a political philosophy. All they hear is that libertarians are against the drug war, so therefore they must love drugs and smoke weed all the time.

Notice in none of these articles the Non-Aggression Principle is mentioned or even addressed.

All together, class: If you don’t accept the NAP, you aren’t a libertarian.

It’s that simple.

Rather than reel back from these attacks, we should cheer the departure of fake libertarians like these Salon writers, who are and were always progressives. All they would have done is scare away or confused people who actually hold libertarian ideals but don’t realize it. We don’t want to be confused with people like this who, once they leave, try to earn their acceptance back into with progressivism by renouncing all ties and associations with the “weird” kids.

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Wait, didn’t we see you hanging out with that weirdo who thinks people shouldn’t be forced to do things at the point of a gun?

Yeah, but I’m, like, totally over it. I don’t know what I was thinking! They’re sooooo weird! I’m totally not like that, so I was, like, done with them. I thought they were cool, but they’re sooo lame. They have some really strange ideas.

Really? Tell us all about it!

The other day, Salon threw out another hit piece on libertarianism, highlighting seven of it’s supposedly strange ideas. Really, what they’re doing is cherry-picking the particular views of individuals like Murray Rothbard concerning hypothetical situations and claiming it is shared by all libertarians as practical solutions to immediate problems.

One can hear the Valley Girl voice in the words: Did you hear what this guy said? 

Observe that none of those “strange ideas” is the NAP. Or our stance on the War on Drugs. Or torture. Or drone strikes. Or kill lists. Or the NSA spying. Or Gitmo.

You get the point.

To all you gossips at Salon: Stop gossiping and try talking to us for a change.

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4 Responses to Salon really doesn’t like libertarians, or know what it means to be one

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  2. ernestortizwritesnow001 says:

    Great article! I laugh sometimes when people think they were “former libertarians” but have no clue what the philosophy is and can’t take a few minutes reading some of the literature (many of them easily accessible).

    Salon is pretty much no different than the other mainstream media that will criticize libertarians but have no clue or won’t talk about NAP.

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