RE: Why socialism doesn’t work

An afterword for my thoughts concerning socialism.

Even when I was a mainstream conservative, I knew something was amiss with government programs like Social Security. As high schooler, I challenged this sacred institution with anyone who tried to defend it.

Why, I asked, do I have to pay into it?

Retirement, the answer came. You get it when you retire.

Oh, I’d say, thinking I had found a solution. In that case, I’ll just keep the money and save it myself. I don’t need the government to do it for me. I’m fiscally responsible.

But not everyone is as fiscally responsible, came the riposte. If we didn’t have Social Security they wouldn’t save and have nothing for retirement.

Fine, I rejoined. Then let them participate. I shouldn’t be forced to give the government money to hold onto it for me.

Cue the awkward face. Michaelangelo himself couldn’t adequately depict it, no matter how much paint you gave him. It’s how every single one of those discussions concluded.

Sometimes, however, they’d be honest enough to admit that everyone had to participate or it wouldn’t work.

Now, I was and am not mathematically inclined. A smart eighth grade probably knows more algebra than I do. But when it comes to socialist programs, it doesn’t require much knowledge of math to discover the numbers don’t add up. Maybe it was my proclivity to think about things from a logical approach.

My reasoning: If I take out of Social Security only what I put in, then by not putting it I’m not harming anyone else. If I’m going to take out more than I put in, then I’m doing someone else a favor by not participating.

If, however, I put in more than I take out when I retire, then that’s something else, isn’t it?

Therein lies the rub. It’s really intended to go towards someone else’s retirement. It’s not intended to benefit me, or else no one would care if I participated.

Why should I be forced to give money to other people and, inversely, be forced to accept money from other’s who had it taken from them forcibly?

I have never received a morally defensible reply. I never will. Nor will you.

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5 Responses to RE: Why socialism doesn’t work

  1. Anarcho Mama says:

    Reblogged this on to your freedoms and commented:
    Socialism & Social Security…short and sweet!


  2. SalvaVenia says:

    Then what’s your idea of how supporting those who can’t do it by themselves?


    • The Question says:

      Charities, nonprofits, and churches are a few private entities off the top of my head that can take care of the elderly or needy. I’ve seen both government program and private programs at work and the results are night and day.

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      • SalvaVenia says:

        Of course they are night and day. The only difference is that there isn o compulsion for charities to exist. Churches also do not qualify, because whatever they do in this very field, at least here in Germany, is 100 per cent government money, i.e. taxes. I think, a society without a system to take care of the needy or a system for those reaching pension suffers from some serious defect.


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