Student arrested for writing essay about hunting a dinosaur

With a gun. (cue gasps and screams of hysterical, emotionally unstable neurotics)

It is without irony that in our modern culture we stick our noses up at previous generations, as if having a smartphone makes you smarter than the tribal savage who at least is honest enough to admit he has no idea of how it works, and speaks of the terror-filled McCarthy Era where everyone and their sister was apparently being accused of subversion. How much smarter and sophisticated we are now!

At least McCarthy went after (government-employed) adults. He didn’t have little Tommy thrown in the slammer for penning an essay on how we should all get along (or anyone else, come to think of it).

I don’t even have to explain why this ridiculous, or what the problem is. Others before me have said it quite appropriately.

One does have to ask a relevant question: If a student can get arrested simply for writing an essay about hunting an extinct, prehistoric creature with a gun, what’s to stop them from arresting students who write essays which contain views outside of the proverbial 3X5 Index of Approved Opinions?

How hard is it to imagine the following?

Hey, Timmy! What’s this you’re writing about how our government is not all-wise and glorious? That smacks of domestic terrorism. You don’t want anyone to think you’re planning on blowing up a building full of children, do you? Change that now, or I will be forced to contact Homeland Security. 

What do you mean the North was the aggressor in the Civil War and Sheridan committed atrocities against civilians in the Shenandoah Valley? What racist, bigoted Neo-Confederate organization are you a member of? Answer me! You need to take diversity training! Perhaps a night in the cell will cool that prejudiced mind of yours!

Judy! Tracy! What’s this about privatization of roads and how taxes are bad! you obviously are thinking of committing tax fraud and blowing up roads! Such outdated views! Get with the times! Either renounce them or I will be forced to call the police!

All the more reason for a parent to educate their child outside of the system.

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One Response to Student arrested for writing essay about hunting a dinosaur

  1. SalvaVenia says:

    100 per cent correct! 🙂


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