A Study of Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State

Starting soon I will be writing a series of commentaries on Gerard Casey’s Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State. The purpose will be to examine some of the major points Casey makes in the book, chapter by chapter, while tackling the more difficult passages. The study will be published in weekly installments.

The book was written in order to address significant or common objections to libertarianism while also refuting misconceptions about the State and its claims to legitimacy. For a libertarian looking to better articulate their beliefs in an intellectual fashion, this is an essential read.

Although I have read the book, as a relatively new libertarian I’m still very much in the learning stage, and some of the ideas I have not fully grasped to the point where I can articulate them in a conversation or in writing. Ideally the commentaries will help improve my personal knowledge and provide ample background information when addressing current events, as well as provide another libertarians with a resource if they find a part of the book confusing.

In the meantime, here is Casey giving a short introductory speech about the book at the 2012 Austrian Scholars Conference at the Mises Institute. There is also this critique on the concept of political representation, sections of which are included in the book.

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