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California ready to make rape the default sexual position

A bill on the cusp of approval by the California state legislature would require sexual partners to verbally consent to every stage of progression during sexual activity, ext. from kissing to touching and all that lovely birds and bees stuff … Continue reading

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Why socialism doesn’t work

Socialists are annoying. It’s not just their pretentious sermonizing, feigning the sort of idealistic naiveté that would make the musical number of a Disney film seem like a realistic documentary on animal behavior. They also have the gall to accuse libertarians of … Continue reading

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Australian cafe owner refuses to hire man because he is black

The cafe owner’s logic is that his chiefly white customers want their coffee served by white people. I’m going to assume everyone here is intelligent enough to realize what I’m about to say is not intended to condone the cafe owner’s attitude, logic, or … Continue reading

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Talking Points Memo: Libertarian Movement run by Christian Right

I would ask what the writers over at TPM are smoking, but even a stoner wouldn’t be so “out of it” as to actually make the claim that the Christian Right is behind the libertarian movement.

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Student arrested for writing essay about hunting a dinosaur

With a gun. (cue gasps and screams of hysterical, emotionally unstable neurotics) It is without irony that in our modern culture we stick our noses up at previous generations, as if having a smartphone makes you smarter than the tribal savage who … Continue reading

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Study of Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State – Introduction

This is the first part of a study I’m doing on Gerard Casey’s Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State. This post examines the short introduction to the book. You can purchase the book on Amazon and through the Book Depository. 

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The economics of cities like Ferguson, Missouri

Okay, I said I wouldn’t say anything more about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. But I couldn’t pass this up. Like I said before, it’s not just about possible police brutality or crime. It’s about economics, too, and the economic … Continue reading

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