Tenth Amendment Center, Ron Paul on Hobby Lobby ruling

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels less than elated about the Hobby Lobby ruling. Former congressman Ron Paul, as well as the Tenth Amendment Center, which promotes the use of nullification against unconstitutional federal actions, share the same reservations.

Michael Maharrey, the communications director at the TCA, writes:

Those of us who value liberty must get our fellow Americans to begin thinking outside of the frames created for us by the political class.  For most “conservatives” the Court’s opinion simply reinforces the desired paradigm – the government lords over us and we get scraps from the table. The Supreme Court really does stand supreme and we must quiver in anticipation as we wait anxiously for the black-robed oracles to hand down their opinions and define the limits of our rights.

I find that notion unacceptable.

American thinking has by-and large become stuffed into a frame. Within the frame lies “acceptable ideas.”As Tom Woods often says, these cover the ideological spectrum between Nancy Pelosi and George W. Bush. Stepping outside the frame will get you labeled an extremist.

We need more extremists.

I am a big believer in incremental victories when it comes to political action – assuming the possibility of using that victory to advance the cause further down the road exists. But on another level, big picture thinking must change. The system itself is broken and corrupt. The Hobby Lobby opinion merely legitimized that broken, corrupt system. For whatever good you might try to squeeze out of it, I want more.

It should never have come to the point that this decision represents some great step forward for liberty.

We can’t allow the enemies of freedom define victory. We can’t allow them to dictate the terms of battle. The time has come for a radical shift in paradigms.

Likewise, in an article appropriately titled “Hobby Lobby Decision Creates Small Island of Freedom in Ocean of Statism,” Paul writes:

Opponents of the Hobby Lobby decision are correct when they say that their bosses should not decide whether their healthcare plans cover contraceptives. However, like all supporters of Obamacare, they are incorrect in seeking to fix the problems with healthcare through more government intervention. Instead, they should join those of us working to create a free-market healthcare system that gives individuals control of their healthcare dollars. In a true free market, individuals would have the ability to obtain affordable healthcare without having to rely on government mandates or subsidies.

The debate over which, if any, businesses deserve an exemption from Obamacare’s contraception mandate is rooted in a misunderstanding of property and contract rights. All businesses and all Americans deserve an exemption not just from Obamacare, but from all mandates. Individuals should be given the freedom and responsibility to obtain the healthcare coverage that meets their needs without relying on the government to force others to provide it.

Until Americans realize the absurdity of the Supreme Court’s claim to authority over these matters, nothing will change. It will remain a battle over nominees during their senate confirmation hearings and the inane bickering over case law and what their latest interpretation of our rights privileges happens to be.

We have to act outside the system rather than try to take it over. It’s time to reject the premise from which they operate. 

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