RE: Feminism and the Miss Nevada

I said I wouldn’t comment on the actual incident involving Miss Nevada’s answer during a beauty contest, but I can’t resist.

I’ll make it quick – at least I’ll attempt to do so.

Feminists claim to promote empowering women. I think it is a wonderful idea. If I ever had a daughter, I would naturally be protective of her. I would be concerned for her safety – knowing how boys can be – and would want her to be able to take care of herself and ensure that she could fend off any guy stupid enough to attack her.

(Of course, spreading rumors about the alleged untimely fate of prior potential suitors seeking her affection in the form of this t-shirt might also be employed when considered necessary and convenient).

So what’s more empowering than teaching a woman, or young girl, how to defend herself? If she knows how to defend herself, she doesn’t need to rely on a boy or man to protect her. She can take care of herself, if taught how to do so.

Again, if I ever had a daughter, I would not want her to have to rely on me (or the fear of me) to protect her from someone. All good fathers should want men seeking their daughter’s romantic attention to have a healthy, respectable fear of what may befall them if they ever tried to hurt them so that those who might do so voluntarily choose to avoid approaching her out of fear for their own safety.

People who actually care about empowering women encourage them to learn self-defense. They encourage them to learn how to responsibly handle and fire a gun, and after doing so acquire a weapon to carry around for protection. From this humble libertarian’s point of view, the more armed women out there (or just people in general), the better.

Yet, for encouraging self-defense, Miss Nevada was accused of enabling or dismissing the responsibility of the man not to rape. Does anyone actually believe this, including those who said it?

I humbly submit that if Miss Nevada had replied, instead, than there needed to be more government intervention in the education system, that there needed to be a federal commission to study and develop more regulations concerning sexual activity on college campuses, or that certain feminists groups needed more federal and state funding – in other words, ideas that would have no direct effect on preventing rape – none of these critics would have complained or said she didn’t care.

No. They replied the way they did because the answer was self-empowerment, not the government. Miss Nevada’s solution was to teach self-reliance, not reliance on the government to protect women, even though her proposition would certainly do more to keep women safe than any government legislation.

Considering how well the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terror have gone, why should anyone think that a government War on Rape would accomplish anything other than the exact opposite of what is intended?

Women, like men, should not trust anyone who tells them to rely on the government or the State to take care of them or provide for their personal safety. An individual will always have a greater incentive than any law enforcement officer to protect themselves; if harm comes, it is they and not the officer who must suffer for the rest of their life.

Those who teach women to passively accept protection from elsewhere leave them open and vulnerable to physical harm, because when they are attacked the only options they have been conditioned to accept are a few worthless tips and calling 9/11; that is, only after they have been permanently traumatized by an experience that will affect them forever.

For example, colleges are actually recommending that women pee or vomit to avoid being raped, rather than arm themselves and put the fear of guns into the heart of would-be predators. Did any feminist group call this “victim-blaming” or encouraging rapists?

So this is where I’m getting at: Why do feminists, who claim to promote women’s interests, contend that encouraging women to protect themselves against potential rapists is promoting rape culture?

The answer is that for feminists, like so many political groups, the solution to everything is the State. Any other solution is to be attacked and vilified.

This is why those who claim to care about women attack the idea that women, and not the State, should assume control of their lives and their safety.

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