Those who forget the past

Are doomed to repeat it.

If you doubt this, view this photo  of refuges fleeing the violence in Iraq, where the U.S. withdrew after destabilizing its government.

Then compare it to this photo of refuges fleeing the violence in Saigon as North Vietnam invaded after the U.S. had withdrawn its military.

Different eras, different decades, but the rest reads the same. Undeclared war in a foreign country based on faulty information or lies, thousands dead on one side and millions on the other. Families struggling with the loss of their loved one and the realization that they died for reasons that have nothing to do with protecting freedom or keeping America safe.

The truth is it’s been the same in every war. Those who suffer and die rarely, if ever, reap the benefits.

Parents would do well to have their child watch this speech from the 1930 film Hell’s Angels. It’s about World War I, but the speech is about war itself.

Next time some politician starts talking about the need to invade another foreign country without a formal declaration of war, people have no excuse when they choose to believe them.

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3 Responses to Those who forget the past

  1. SalvaVenia says:

    Under such circumstances, did they ever had an excuse, I wonder?


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