President Obama calls it “my government”

Just remember, citizen, it’s a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and you’re going to take it and like it whether you want it or not.

Ironically, that small statement may be the most candid thing he has ever said in his entire presidency. Like so many political leaders, he doesn’t see himself as a servant, but master.

Someone may say it was a slip of the tongue.

Right, a Freudian slip, an act of unintended frankness. Sort of like Dr. Strangelove’s Nazi salute.

It’s sad that people continue to believe in the myth of political representation when even those who they think represent us become too honest with themselves to engage in the pretense anymore.

The further irony is that this comes right as America celebrates the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, where we hear nothing but claims of how we are free today because of the sacrifices made.

That generation of men may or may not have made sacrifices, but the real question is whether we are freer today than we were 70 years ago.

For some, in certain ways, the answer is yes. For the entire population, however, it is a resounding no.

This remark by the president admits what many choose to deny.

One day we will cease all remaining pretenses and simply refer to our leader as “king” or “emperor” or “Caesar.” If we’re going to have a leader with the power of a dictator, we might as well embrace it.

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