New Walter Block book shows how to create a libertarian society

Among the most common questions/critiques libertarians get pertains to how society would function without the State. A lot of them are excellent questions. Some of the questions are broad; how would areas protect themselves against invasion? Some of them are minutiae and specific; what would replace zoning codes for development?

These questions deserve answers. Skeptics of libertarianism, like I used to be, can have a hard time envisioning society without a government entity enforcing laws and protecting the rights of the people within their jurisdiction. 

The Mises Institute has published a new book by Walter Block titled Toward a Libertarian Society, which is a collection of articles first published on

In the essays, Block addresses these questions on several levels. Having read most of his recent work, I can tell you that those who pick up this book will it both intellectually challenging and fascinating. I plan on buying the digital copy (when my Kindle works again) and reading it in order to form better replies to arguments made by our opponents. 

Block has written several other great books, including the Privatization of Roads and Highways, as well as Defending the Undefendable. Unfortunately, our detractors won’t bother to read these works themselves and refute them, which necessitates that we read them and offer rebuttals to objections they present. Block and other libertarian intellectuals have done much to help provide those rebuttals. 

It’s critical that libertarians know how to defend their beliefs and offer legitimate responses to peoples’ questions. The more articulate and thorough we are, the more intelligent our system appears. What we lack in numbers we must make up for in passion and dedication. 

For those who are new to libertarianism, Block is an excellent author to read, as long as you understand the Non-Aggression Principle. 

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3 Responses to New Walter Block book shows how to create a libertarian society

  1. greattomato says:

    I’m putting Block my reading list as well. Thanks for the heads up. Any other notables I should be looking at in current libertarian thought?


    • The Question says:

      Absolutely. Ron Paul’s Liberty Defined is a good read, but it is more of a constitutional approach to our current problems. Tom Woods’ Rollback is great, a much more radical book than it appears from the front cover. Lew Rockwell’s The Left, The Right and The State is also excellent in making the case for the free market and libertarianism. Those are the most recent ones I’ve read, but I have a long list of books I need to go through.


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