Archbishop Desmond Tutu: South African government worse now than during apartheid

I admittedly know very little about the South African Apartheid – other than what most people know. It was a clear violation of the rights of a section of citizens based on their race. It is also a clear example of government using its claim to a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence to control people who did not consent to its authority.

For example, during the filming of the movie Zulu, the black extras were not allowed to receive monetary compensation for their work as part of Apartheid. They were instead given the cattle used in the film (which, ironically, was worth far more to them).

It was therefore a surprise to hear from Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, say his government is worse now than before Mandela took office. This Reason TV documentary addresses some of the issues at hand that has plagued the country since Apartheid ended.

If this is an accurate depiction of the country and the corruption, it only goes to show the limitations of reforming government. It also demonstrates the historical precedent for social and political revolutions to replace a bad regime with an even worse one.


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