Thought Regime: Politically incorrect thoughts on race worse than assassinating people

In America, there are so many laws that a cop only has to follow a driver on the road and at some point the driver will break one of those laws and give the cop an excuse to pull him over.

William Norman Grigg at Pro Libertate uses this as an analogy to describe what happened recently to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who made some remarks on race and government one is never allowed to say. With the federal government failing to dislodge him through threats of violence due to the mass support he has received, the media followed him around relentlessly until he said something you’re not supposed to say in the hopes that this will cause him to lose supporters.

I’m not really concerned about what Bundy said or didn’t say when put into proper context or whether it was actually racist or just pointing out something as obvious as the sky is blue. It doesn’t matter. Bundy has yet to use a predator drone to murder people at a wedding in Yemen or evaporate a 16-year-old because his father was put on the CIA’s kill list.

All this is merely highlights an appalling moral standard I’ve observed, in which being a “racist,” whatever they actually mean by that, is a worse crime than being a thief, a philanderer, a cheat, a swindler, or a murderer.

Grigg also notices this hypocrisy as well, since the title for the column is “For Progressives, “Thoughtcrime” is Worse than Mass Murder.”

The irony is also lost on these people, considering that Sen. Harry Reid, as Grigg also points out, made racially insensitive comments about President Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Let’s not also forget that the Democratic Party for years had among their ranks a former Klu Klux Klan leader, Robert Bryd, who even created his own chapter and heavily recruited for it. Bryd only left the Democratic Party when he left this earth, i.e. he died a life-long member. Now remember, the whole impression we are supposed to get from the media is that the federal government is now justified in harming Bundy because he is a racist.

Just keep that in mind next time some progressive or liberal who aligns themselves with the Democratic Party throws around the word “racist.” For them, it’s acceptable to be a former KKK leader, but anyone who thinks that the federal government’s policies harm minorities is an incorrigible racist, just like Malcolm X.

So until Bundy creates his own kill list in which colored people comprise a good portion of the people in it actually murdered and uses his own agency to kill those people, he could be the biggest bigot on the face of the earth and despise all other races except his own, yet still be morally superior to our president living in D.C. 3,000 miles away who commits actual crimes and violence against his fellow man and then brags about it.

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