Is there anything they won’t regulate or license?

Today I visited the Seattle Times‘ website out of morbid curiosity and about blew a gasket when I came across a blog post titled “Bicycle Master Plan: Why not license bikes? We already license boats.”

Yes, because if there is one more thing we need the government involved in, it’s riding bicycles. Not content with inflicting the misery and agony of licensing on motorists, they now want to spread that anguish over to people who ride bikes, many of whom I assume started riding to avoid all the hassle that driving a vehicle entails.

This is the state we have reached today in America, particularly in the area I live in. It has reached the point where you can do very little without receiving the government’s permission first. And anything left that they don’t control they make proposals to control. Or worse, we have people from the bottom up demanding it.

I have long desired to own and ride a motorcycle. But a combination of perpetually awful weather in the region, in addition to further licensing and endorsements required, it’s too much to make it worth my while. Now they want to do the same to my bike.

You might be thinking right now I should laugh and not take this proposal seriously. I would reply that Seattle is entertaining a $15 minimum wage, which is guaranteed to cause unemployment and is opposed by anyone who runs a small business in the city. Is it really be much of a stretch for this council of clowns to require license tabs for all bikes and training for something that you used to learn how to do in your front yard or backyard on training wheels with your dad standing behind you?

For some people, there is always one more thing for the government to tax, to regulate, to license, to control. Just one more thing.

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One Response to Is there anything they won’t regulate or license?

  1. Olaf Koenders says:

    Here in Oz we had that proposal sometime in the early 80’s, but only as a choice so that bicycle theft could be more easily solved. We also had proposals that motorists wear helmets, which was rapidly poo-pooed.

    Next time you’re pulled over, ask the cop if he’s comfortable in the knowledge that his children ride on a school bus every day without seatbelts and, with their teeth in a direct line to the stainless steel rail adorning the back rest of the seat.. Then watch his head explode. At least the driver’s safe.

    When it comes to these armchair bureaucrat wannabe’s advocating for regulations on almost everything, I have to cite Seinfeld “Who ARE these people?”

    We’ve suffered mandatory helmet laws for bicycles over the last few decades, simply because someone thought (lied) that these plastic ice cream containers would “ only one life, it would be worth it”. I’ve seen a cyclist go under a bus. Bicycle folded in half, body under a tartan blanket and helmet with plastic and foam pieces spread liberally for 50 metres. There was no wind that morning either.

    Still no evidence to back up those claims of greater safety. Same with speed cameras, although touted by grabbermint as saving lives every day – somehow, considering the motorist continues to “speed” up to his destination, unaware that a fine will pollute his mailbox in anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks, allowing him to “speed” past the same camera daily until he knows about it, with no actual harm done in the meantime.

    But courts and grabbermints love these things, because of the billions they generate that can be used to buy more of them to catch more people to buy more.. etc. They don’t put cameras on roads that won’t return a net benefit in costing for the camera. They’re even allowed to put these things 5k’s away from a declared black spot. That answers that question.

    Forget registration altogether. It’s not required for those not acting commercially on public roads which we’ve all already paid for in innumerate double-dip taxes. For those that don’t understand this concept, look back at the horse and cart days where mere children, sans licence, registration and insurance, in charge of a skittish animal with independent thoughts, a brain the size of a walnut on far worse muddy tracks used these things daily. It was always a common law right which mere legislation cannot abrogate. Consider why a taxi is called a TAXi. Acting commercially on public highways is the only thing grabbermint can control.

    Consider the stupidity of a TV licence. Yep. We used to require one. I’m not sure if it’s still on the books. I know that eventually the licence “fee” (tax) became part of the purchase price, but I don’t know if it’s still there. They still require one in the UK. In fact, they even have “green” police check on everyone’s TV, how many they own etc., so they could tax them correctly on their “emissions”, for an odourless trace gas that’s nothing more than aerial fertiliser and essential for all life on Earth.

    Marriage licence. Bah! I’m aware that consent to marry was the domain of the King in Ye Olde England, which was eventually transferred to the church. Seriously? How dare they tell me I need permission to do anything. Not that I’m married, but hell.

    Gun licence. There are far more people maimed and killed by knives, fists and cars annually. Nor does that car licence ensure road safety as clearly evidenced.

    Pet registration. Only possible because it’s “owned” by a human that can be controlled through law. But note – horses, cows, goats, sheep and chickens don’t require this. Ear tags are only necessary for sales purposes and quality control tracking.

    A licence or registration has nothing to do with competence or safety of the bearer, only control. Consider that the State endorsed your licence, it could be argued they’re responsible for your behaviour and should be jailed.

    Mandatory insurance. How dare anyone demand you “apply” for anything. It’s a form of begging. No man can be forced to beg, under any law.

    Most licenses are the direct result of knee-jerk reactions of the State caused by the very fickle morons despised by Seinfeld.

    /rant (for now) 😉


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