The Tax Gestapo didn’t pay taxes, got bonuses all the same

In case anyone thinks I was too harsh in my assessment of the tax Gestapo, a term which I will now always use in reference to the tax revenue collecting agency, consider the fear and uncertainty that comes with filling out your taxes, the attention to detail with which you complete it to ensure you are not audited.

Then know that those who are tasked with stealing your wealth do not pay their taxes – but they still get bonuses, paid for by you.

According to a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration1,146 employees received bonuses within a year of failing to pay their own taxes.

Yes, those whose job it is to make sure you pay your taxes don’t pay theirs. Instead of prison and the prospect of being harassed and abused by the system, they get bonuses. The rules do not apply to them.

The whole thing is evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. They should be treated the same as any monster, loathed and despised, feared only when they present a threat. There is nothing good about them and everyone would be better off without it.

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