Cop caught tripping, pushing students on video

You really have to ask yourself what kind of a person enjoys kicking students in the shin and pushing teenage girls after their high school soccer team wins the state championship.

The short answer: Not a person you want to carrying a gun, a baton, a taser and other deadly weapons.

Yet that is exactly the type of job these psychopaths are attracted to and seek out. Fortunately, the police department is investigating, but considering the numerous cases where far greater abuses have occurred without any change, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was let off with a warning or a slap on the wrist.

If this were private security, the consequences would be dramatic and immediate. The guard would be fired from his company and charged with assault for attacking those students. Then again, no security guard would ever do something like this, because unlike the police they do not enjoy qualified or sovereign immunity that might protect them.

On a final note, imagine what might have happened if a student had done the same thing. They would have been suspended, expelled, charged with a crime, what have you. All this does to students is send the message that when you have a government badge it means you can do whatever you want.

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