Al-Qaeda holds open rally in Yemen

Meanwhile, the CIA either was utterly clueless about it or wasn’t able to send a predator drone in time to strike.

Keep this in mind next time someone lectures you about how the government needs to spy on ordinary Americans, grope them in the airport, harass them at internal security checkpoints, encourage them to spy on their neighbors, and have them watch their children for “confrontational” behavior, all in order to keep us safe from terrorists. Perhaps if they spent less time collecting the meta data on every phone call made and more time tracking actual enemies, they might not be made a laughing stock when their public enemy number one holds a rally in broad daylight and no one knows about it.

Of course, not having military bases and troops in Middle Eastern countries, as well as ceasing the use of predator drones to blow up weddings that may have “suspected terrorists” there, would deprive thousands of young men with legitimate grievances that spur them to turn to a terrorist organization with an illegitimate means and end.

When will the U.S. government ever comprehend the concept of blowblack – that their meddling in foreign countries leads to potentially catastrophic consequences for innocent people here when terrorists attack in retaliation? Additionally, all their solutions for the War on Terror has been as (un)successful as the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, and by that I mean they have merely created more of the same problem.

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