The Tax Gestapo

Having done my taxes for this year, I have decided I will no longer refer to the tax revenue collecting agency by its official name. From now on, it’s either the SS or Gestapo. Take your pick.

There are many worthless public jobs that serve no purpose other than to provide some lazy human being with a comfortable job and a pension paid for through theft. The worst by far are those who work the tax Gestapo. Nothing they do is productive. Their entire job description involves collecting money from productive people who earned it by exchanging goods and services through voluntary means. Those who comply only do so out of fear of having their wages stolen or agents arriving at their home to steal their property or throw them in prison.

Is there anyone who would honestly pay the income tax or file a return if there was no threat of violence behind its enforcement? Only someone who expected to get more money back than they had paid in, which is just another reason to abolish it or simply ignore it when practical.

Anyone who knows me personally is well acquainted with my contempt for the tax Gestapo, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I’ve written on it previously here. And I was being kind and gentle about it, I might add.

I also have strong personal reasons to hate the tax SS, as I have family members who were specifically targeted out of pure spite. A few years ago they were sent a letter claiming that they had not responded to previous letters asking for information about their charitable donations – letters which were never sent. The Gestapo threatened legal action if they did not immediately send thousand of dollars in fines.

Thanks to an audit protection policy with TurboTax, my relatives did not have to pay for their own defense. As it turned out, TurboTax was also forced to foot the bill for hundreds of other peoples’ defenses after they received the same fraudulent letter from the same bureaucrat working for the Gestapo.

Those relatives were harassed merely because they had donated to several charities and organizations that the Gestapo despises.

It came as no surprise to me, therefore, when I read this article by Judicial Watch offering emails sent to and by Lois Lerner about targeting conservative groups.

I don’t want to waste a second more on the exact details, because they are irrelevant. You can read them if you want. You can also read posts by the Tenth Amendment Center and Campaign for Liberty about how the tax code has affected them for the worse. In CFL’s case, the Gestapo is simply trying to shut them down or force them to reveal donor names. If forced to choose between the two, they should choose the right of self-defense and simply resist. No surrender.

The whole thing is despicable, because it is the result of a despicable law. No one should have to prove they are a political organization or fit the status of a certain tax category. There should be no exemptions or credits because there should be no tax.

Everything and anything the tax Gestapo does is evil, and anyone who works for them, whether they have the moral integrity to admit it or not, contributes to and assists in the destruction of innocent Americans and their lives and financially benefits from their suffering, misery and hardship. They are no more innocent than federal marshals who assisted slave owners in capturing their escaped slaves in the North during the Antebellum period. It is also not without irony our former secretary of the treasury was an outright tax evader who only coughed up the dough after he was caught during the nomination process – violating the laws you are being nominated to enforce doesn’t seem to be a problem in D.C. Land.

Let’s also leave aside the intentionally inane complexity of the income tax code, which is designed to be so byzantine that the government can use it arbitrarily and capriciously against citizens whom they wish to destroy. The tax code exists solely to provide government with a means of making a criminal out of a law-abiding citizen. We can also put aside the intrusiveness of it, in which we are required to provide appallingly intimate details about our personal lives that is absolutely, one hundred percent none of their business.

The income tax is heinous and immoral, from the first sentence to the final period of each line on every page. It relies on the moral justification that the State is entitled to a portion of your earnings without compensation and has the right to use violence to get it from you. They own the fruits to your labor and can kill you if you resist.

This is the definition of a slave, not a free man.

I would go into the type of things that the income tax helps finance, but it is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the entire sum was sent out to poor families. Theft is theft. If I broke into all the millionaires’ homes in the area, stole a thousand dollars from each, and distributed it to the needy, it makes me no less a thief than if I were to spend the money on drugs and prostitutes.

The only way, of course, this will change is when Americans become so disgusted and enraged at their oppressors that they defy this law and are willing to defend themselves and their liberties when the Gestapo comes knocking at their door.


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5 Responses to The Tax Gestapo

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  4. John Holliday says:

    Since our tax system is based upon voluntary compliance, why do we need a policing agency to enforce it?

    If the answer is, “So people will be forced to pay their taxes” then you are saying, “So people are forced to volunteer.” Which is typical ignorant socialism. A real president would just layoff everyone in the Gestapo and force the socialists in congress to pass a real, truly voluntary, taxing structure. The FairTax? Maybe?


  5. Here are 2 videos for the ignorant sheep who believe that the income tax is legal and perfectly legitimate: 1: 2: Watch these videos and prepare for your blood to boil.


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