Common Core revolt doesn’t address the issue

At Fox News, a reporter covers the recent outrage by parents of students who are reeling from the idiocy of Common Core curriculum standards.

One might think this is a good thing. After all, perhaps then parents will understand that the government getting involved in education leads to the present situation, where un-elected strangers who create course material designed to be used by millions of students have more say in their child’s education than they themselves do.

According to the article:

Conservatives call it an extreme abuse of federal overreach, one that limits the control states and local communities have on their education programs.

The problem with Common Core isn’t that it was created by the federal government. The problem isn’t that it limits the control of states and local school districts. The problem isn’t that it is a farce worthy of mockery, scorn and lampooning.

The problem is that at the heart of our education system is the use of violence and coercion against innocent people and their property. The problem is that the country and every state red or blue unconditionally accepts the belief that the State – and by that I refer to the entity known as government – should have a role in educating a child. The problem is the belief that anyone other than the mother and father of a child should have the legal authority to decide what they are taught.

Imagine if a private company like McDonald’s decided it was going to educate your child, kidnapped them if you did not hand them over voluntarily, forced you to pay for the education costs without your consent, prohibited you from having any say over the material learned, and then spent the next 12 years or so indoctrinating your child with propaganda about how McDonald’s is essential to the maintaining of society and ban or confiscate material that contained any contrary message.

Or should I wait until you’re finished laughing?

Until Americans demand their rights back as guardians of their children; until they resist efforts to deprive them of these rights; until they are free to send their child to a school of their choosing and do not have their wealth confiscated to fund an education system they do not consent to fund; until we hand education over to the free market to allow competition to improve quality and lower costs, nothing will change.

All we’re doing is complaining about how itchy rashes are while refusing to remove the poison ivy covering us.

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