Jury acquits Spokane man of manslaughter

Just when I am about to lose all hope for humanity, something like this always comes around to keep it going on life support.

A Spokane man was accused of manslaughter after shooting and killing a thief fleeing in his stolen vehicle around this time last year. The prosecutor charged him, claiming there was no need to shoot at the thief – as if the man knew that in the few seconds had to act as he saw his vehicle being driven away. Does the term “hindsight is always 20/20” ring a bell?

Obviously this jury got it. They also sent a nice message to would-be thieves. When you violate people’s property rights, you surrender your rights.

The Spokesman Review article had a great lead: A Spokane jury affirmed the rights of gun owners to protect themselves.

This was a waste of time for the prosecutor’s office. Don’t they have enough murderers, wife-beaters, and rapists to put behind bars?


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