Juan Williams off his rocker on Libertarianism and gun control

Juan Williams is apparently under the impression that the State taking guns away from everybody is the “libertarian” attitude on gun rights.

Just out of curiosity, Juan, how exactly does the State take our guns away without violating the Non-Aggression Principle – which prohibits the use of coercion and violence against innocent people and their property?

One might as well say they can make roasted ice.

You have to wonder how one can come to the conclusion that the solution to gun violence is to have an entity hold a monopoly on gun ownership and the sole legitimate claim to violence and think that this entity won’t commit heinous acts of violence. Were entities such as the Roman Empire,  Third Reich, Imperial Japan, Communist China, and USSR guilty of such?

Perhaps he’s been misinformed about libertarianism and what it teaches, thanks to recent efforts to redefine its meaning.

For starters, Juan should try reading Lew Rockwell’s recent column “What Libertarianism Is, and Isn’t.”

Then, someone should send him a framed copy of this photo taken during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. That’s what you get in a gun-free zone nation.

Gun-free zone Poland - Libertarian Anarchy

Gun-free zone Poland.

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