Political ignorance explained

This video, in which not one student could name a single senator but knew “Let it Go” from the new animated film Frozen, explains many of the encounters I have with people who think because they went to college and got a degree it entitles them to have an opinion on something – even if they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

In reality, they know more about hit songs from Disney movies than political topics such as interventionism, the effects of minimum wage, business regulations, free trade, discrimination laws, ext.

Being ignorant of these topics isn’t a crime, naturally. But it’s inexcusable when you know nothing but still feel the need to critique someone else who took the time to study the issue and formulate an opinion based on more than an emotional gut reaction (for the record, I’m not criticizing the students in this video; at least most of them were honest enough about their ignorance).

On a side note, if this is all they learn in college, shouldn’t they demand their money back? You can learn more by opening up a book and reading it without the backbreaking student loan and long list of poor life choices that seems to come along with a diploma.

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