How law enforcement should behave

In a perfect, ideal world, a.k.a. a libertarian anarchist society, all law enforcement would be privatized. It would certainly be a far cry from what we have now, where citizens are all considered suspects and their rights are deemed privileges.

Suppose, instead, law enforcement officers simply treated citizens in a way that accurately reflects their role as public servants.

This is what this April Fool’s video by Reason portrays, albeit in a somewhat satirical manner.

Rather than try to trick the citizen, intimidate him, or threaten him, the officer is kind, polite, knows all the laws and refuses to use the citizen’s ignorance against him.

Yes, it is a little over the top. But one comment a person made on the video I thought was rather profound when considered.

Imagine the respect we would have for the law if this were true.

Do officers need to behave like preschool teachers? No. Could a little civility and kindness towards the people who pay them go a really long way? Yes.

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2 Responses to How law enforcement should behave

  1. Todd says:

    In a perfect, ideal world, a.k.a. a libertarian anarchist society, all law enforcement would be unnecessary.


    • The Question says:

      I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, even in a libertarian anarchist society, there would be crime, because humans are flawed creatures. The difference between government law enforcement and private law enforcement is that there would be far fewer laws to enforce once all laws against victim-less crimes were abolished. I also believe radical societal change in people’s attitudes and thinking is necessary before such a system could function properly.


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