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The other girl next door (who calls the cops on you)

Another update: San Francisco is contemplating paying residents to snitch on their neighbors who short-term lease their homes. To quote the Boondock Saints, the hits just keep on coming. Over the last couple of years I have observed something  that has become … Continue reading

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Police Magazine: Fourth Amendment is optional

The headline of this Police Magazine article all but says this when it reads “How to Tell When You Need a Search Warrant.” How about every single time you’re doing a search of something, no exceptions? The deck makes it even more clear: “While … Continue reading

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Peter Morici gets it right on capitalism

Too many people don’t know the actual definition of capitalism and are more acquainted with the stereotypical presentation taught in schools and in the majority of films that present business owners as evil and government bureaucrats as righteous defenders of the … Continue reading

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Progressives in libertarian’s clothing

As a libertarian, I obviously disagree with progressivism. What I take umbrage at, however, are progressives who pretend to be something other than progressives. A part of it has to do with the fact that they more than other groups are conscious … Continue reading

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Thought Regime: Politically incorrect thoughts on race worse than assassinating people

In America, there are so many laws that a cop only has to follow a driver on the road and at some point the driver will break one of those laws and give the cop an excuse to pull him … Continue reading

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Is there anything they won’t regulate or license?

Today I visited the Seattle Times‘ website out of morbid curiosity and about blew a gasket when I came across a blog post titled “Bicycle Master Plan: Why not license bikes? We already license boats.” Yes, because if there is one … Continue reading

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The Tax Gestapo didn’t pay taxes, got bonuses all the same

In case anyone thinks I was too harsh in my assessment of the tax Gestapo, a term which I will now always use in reference to the tax revenue collecting agency, consider the fear and uncertainty that comes with filling out … Continue reading

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