“This not what justice in the United States is supposed to be”

This is what the father of a Kansas family had to say after their house was raided based on incompetence, poor investigative skills and samples of discarded tea in their garbage outside that field tested for marijuana.

The worst part: It took the man $25,000 to find out why the police had raided their home, thanks to poor sunshine laws in the state.

According to KSHB Kansas City, a bill that would’ve opened some records to the public was killed by the Kansas Legislature this week.

As for the tea leaves, they noted:

Though field tests are known to be unreliable, reports obtained from the Johnson County crime lab indicate the deputies did not send any of the samples to the crime lab for confirmation. The records also note that deputies did not intend to, but changed their minds when the Hartes started questioning why deputies raided their home.

These kinds of raids on innocent Americans who are harming no one is the result of the War on Drugs which turns police officers into soldiers, departments in paramilitaries, and gives them excuses to injure and terrorize innocent people. Let’s even assume they were guilty of possessing marijuana. Using marijuana is not an act of violence and cannot harm anyone. Why is a massive raid necessary?

Laws like the Controlled Substance Act engender distrust of citizenry by the police and vice versa.

As the man put it well, this is not what justice is supposed to look like. But that is what justice in American has become. And it needs to change if we are to preserve our freedom.


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