Woman arrested for entering her son’s school

The crime, of course, was not signing in at the front office, as a good citizen does. Despite knowing her and speaking to her previously, the principal called the police on the woman, refused to bring in the sign-in book from the front office for her to sign, and ordered for a school lockdown. The mother was arrested and charged with trespassing.

The principal also sent a letter home to parents. If they were truly honest, this is how the letter would read:

Dear parents,

I am writing to inform you of an incident which occurred today at our school. The parent of a student entered school grounds without signing in at the front office and met with her son. In order to ensure the school’s safety and security against a parent who does not feel the need to receive permission to speak with their child, I put the entire school in lockdown and called the police. The parent was arrested for violating our policy.

Many of you may feel or believe you have a right to speak with your child whenever you please. However, I must inform you that whatever your feelings are on the matter, they are irrelevant. Because we are a public school, our funding comes from the state legislature, bonds, and levies via property taxes. You do not voluntarily choose to send your children to this school and you do not choose to pay for it. You pay whether you want to or not. Therefore, your opinion is quite irrelevant. You also do not have the right to see your child without our permission because your child belongs to the State. If we feel comfortable with it, we will arrange for you to meet with your child at a time and place and in a manner we feel is best.

Ideally, this incident will send a clear message to all parents in this school district that strict compliance with our rules and obedience to our authority is not optional and any attempts to defy it will be met with coercion and violence. We refuse to consider such an act to be a misunderstanding or a small breach of the rules. Our authority will be obeyed and if it is not you will be punished.


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