Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Especially considering that St. Patrick (who was a Briton, not Irish, a big misconception) engaged in one of the first known abolitionist movements in world history. A former slave kidnapped and brought to Ireland, he escaped and returned after being ordained as a priest.

To get an idea of how great an accomplishment this was, read  How the Irish Saved Western Civilization. The author offers a very graphic description of just how carnal the Irish were, which makes Patrick’s accomplishments all the more astounding.

It’s sad that St. Patrick’s Day is more known for big parades and wearing green and over-consuming liquor and beer. It’d be far better if it celebrated his greatest traits which included his opposition to slavery – the worst violation of the Non-Aggression Principle.

Ireland is an anomaly in that its conversion to Christianity was marked by the absence of violence.  Not a single Christian was martyred or killed for their faith while they were converting the pagan Irish. This gave rise to a phenomenon known as “white martyrdom” in which Irishman totally committed their lives to God and “died a living death” in a spiritual sense.

St. Patrick should be remembered if for no other reason than the fact that he proved the Non-Aggression Principle works and can be implemented if people are willing to embrace it.

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