Italian government claims copyright ownership of Michelangelo’s David

After ArmaLite Inc. created an advertisement poster featuring Michelangelo’s David holding its new AR 50A1 under the title : A work of art.

That’s right. The Italian government claims it owns the rights to something it did not make, just happens to possess.

So, out of curiosity, where were they when Dan Brown wrote an entire novel about conspiracies involving Da Vinci?

Only governments try to take credit for something they didn’t have anything to do with. This would be like the United States trying to prevent something from doing an advertisement poster with the Statue of Liberty in it – a piece of art that was given to them by a Frenchman. I fail to see how either one constitutes theft. It would be like a painter being sued for painting someone’s house or a writer sued for including a famous person in their story.

As a sidenote, seeing the poster reminds me of an old Irish rebel song “My Little Armalite.”

Maybe the Italian government wishes it were that creative

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