If you lost your health insurance due to Obamacare

You can opt out of the tax penalty on your federal income tax return by filling out this form proving you lost it due to Obamacare and the health care exchange would cost more than your previous plan – which is basically for everyone.

I plan to do so. I lost my health insurance due to Obamacare last year and refuse to sign up for the state health care exchange.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, they have kept mum about this exemption. All I can say is that takes a special kind of subhuman to do this to people and feel no remorse.

If you read the waiver form it says the following:

Starting in 2014, every person needs to have health coverage or
make a payment on their federal income tax return called the
“shared responsibility payment.”

This is both insulting and immoral, telling people that they have to buy something and then punish them for not doing it by calling it a “shared responsibility payment.”

Why can’t they be at least honest about what they’re doing? I would respect for honesty if they simply said, “You’re going to sign up for health insurance because it’s what we say because we have bigger guns and more armed gunmen than you do and if you don’t sign up for insurance we’re going to take money from you without your permission to coerce you to sign up for insurance.”

When I was a kid, my house was broken into by a handful of juvenile hoodlums who trashed the house and stole money from my piggy bank. But at least they weren’t insolent enough to leave a note calling the theft a “shared responsibility payment.”

To those who might still think government involvement in our health care is a good idea, I would plead with you to consider the implications of it and how it has affected innocent people like myself and our lives.

Ask yourself if this was done to you whether you would consider it just. How is this peaceful or tolerant of those like me who do not consent to it? If you think it is acceptable for the government to fine me for not buying a product I do not wish to buy, what other powers can be denied to them? How am I free? What if you were forced to buy something you didn’t want and then fined for not complying? Is this the kind of moral standard we want for our society?

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