Paper industry lobbies government to keep printing paper

So they can keep making money.

It’s funny that so many corporations get raked across the coals for daring to make a profit, especially when their customers are all voluntarily buying their product.

Consumers for Paper Options, however, wants the federal government to stop exclusively using email and other forms of electronic communication – which saves taxpayers money – and go back to mailing various forms, which necessitates printing paper. They say they are pushing for it in the interest of people who don’t have access to a computer and collect Social Security and other benefits that now require Internet.

The group is a non-profit, but gee, who do you think might want the federal government to continue printing paper, thus requiring the need to buy it?

I don’t know. Maybe. Just maybe. Paper companies might want this.

According to the Fox News article:

Last year, Runyan’s group, which receives financial backing from the paper industry’s largest trade group as well as the Envelope Manufacturers Association, was able to lift language from a bill that would have ended the practice of printing pharmaceutical prescription information and labels into drug packages.

This is something you’d expect from an episode of The Officea TV show about a paper company, with Steve Carrol barely able to conceal the true motive for the effort – to keep the company afloat by getting government contracts. Instead, these are real people telling us this with a straight face.

With a government that spends trillions of dollars and has virtually unlimited power, we can’t be surprised when efforts like this are made to get some easy money, especially since the real customers – taxpayers – don’t get to choose.

Before anyone talks about the “greed” of private companies that sell their products to willing and voluntary customers, they should dedicate a few minutes of their wrath at companies that attempt to financially benefit at the expense of taxpayers.

Only with government do we get these kind of ridiculous pretenses. Needless to say, in a libertarian anarchist society, they would have to woo the customer. The fact that they have to lobby the government for it tells you what you need to know about their business model.

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