Obamacare needs to be repealed, not reformed or tinkered with

In a Fox News column, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a representative for Washington state’s 5th congressional District, hits on all the problems with Obamacare. Sadly, her solution is only more government legislation that tinkers with the cosmetics of the current law but does nothing on a fundamental level.

She promotes the SIMPLE Fairness Act, which among other things would eliminate the individual mandate tax penalty – for the remainder of the year.

I’m sure she means well. But this is not good enough. We need a full repeal of that penalty.

A one-year delay of this penalty is of little comfort to Americans like myself who lost their health insurance plan when it was criminalized under the Affordable Care Act.

I use the word “criminalized” because it is against the law to offer such a plan. To do so is a crime. Therefore, my plan was criminalized. It makes people look at it differently when you use the word “criminalized” instead of “banned” or “changed” or “no longer offered.”

Just for the record, under no circumstances will I ever sign up for a health care exchange. Even though my state is not participating in Obamacare, I refuse to sign up for my state’s exchange. I could list a dozen reasons, all of them legitimate and irrefutable, but at the end the day it’s on principle. I have the freedom to choose to do with my life as I see fit. I do not consent to it and will never consent. By criminalizing my health insurance plan, the federal government initiated violence and aggression against me, and I have no interest whatsoever in rewarding, subsidizing, or enabling it or any other behavior similar to it.

Rodgers also writes that we need “solutions that actually lower costs—not increase them—such as enabling Americans to buy insurance across state lines; bringing an end to frivolous lawsuits; and expanding the role of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).”

The solution is actually quite simple: Health care is between the doctor and the patient. That’s it.

This country has too long relied on a poorly-conceived health care model developed during World War 2, in which a person’s health insurance became tied to their employer. If we removed all government intervention in this industry, people would be able to buy health insurance the same way they buy car insurance. Costs would go down and quality would go up as a result.

But make no mistake. Those who want the government to control health care are not deluded. What they’re really after isn’t affordable care, but control. When you pay for a person’s health care, you get to tell them what they can and cannot do. Every area of one’s life can be directly or indirectly tied to health care costs.

Rodgers says that health care isn’t political, it’s personal. She’s right; that’s why government needs to stay out completely. We don’t need reforms. We need repeals. And we need them now.

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