Re: Knife attack

In my previous post, I wrote about how reducing gun violence is pointless, because it will just be replaced with another form of the same violence.

Case in point: A man goes on an alleged killing spree in New York City, killing several people with a knife. He’s only stopped after one of his victims pins him to the ground in a subway train.

Allegedly, his stepfather would’t give him the keys to his mother’s Lexus, so he killed him, according to Fox News Insider. He then allegedly killed his girlfriend’s mother, then his girlfriend.

Questions to consider: Should anyone call for bans on the type of knife he used? If he had used a handgun, should people have called for more restrictions? Is the problem that people have access to weapons, or that we as a society tolerate and condone irrational acts of violence and don’t hold people accountable for their actions?

Food for thought.

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