Homeschooling family to be deported back to Germany

For daring to defy German laws first enacted by the Nazis requiring children be taught in state-run schools. The response by our federal government should tell you everything you need to know about their views on homeschooling and what they themselves will do if they one day feel they have the power to enforce those views.

The family fled Germany because they are Christian and wish to raise their children as they see fit, rather than how the State would raise them. To the State, any belief that teaches that there is a higher authority than the government is a threat to it and must be stamped out.

You can read a full detail of their encounters with the Fourth Reich here.

This is why so many people see state-run schools as mandatory and despise homeschooling or private schools. With state-run schools controlled by a central government, it is easy to pass or enact education policies that you wish to impose on an entire nation. It’s hard to teach little Jimmy or Sally that they owe everything they have to the State when mommy and daddy teach them to pray to Jesus.

After the family arrived in America, however, the courts found that fleeing a country to raise your children yourself does not constitute religious persecution. The Orwellian named Justice Department sided against the family, writing in a legal brief the following as to their interpretation of Germany’s education laws:

The goal in Germany is for an open, pluralistic society. Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen in Germany.

This was not written in irony. Consider the use of the word “tolerance” in this passage. Then ask yourself how someone is able to write about tolerance in a brief recommending that a family be deported from the country for their religious beliefs.

I have a complicated view of illegal immigrants, which I won’t go into here. But the fact that the Justice Department and our government is concentrating their efforts on deporting legal immigrants who came here out of a desire to home-school their children should tell you what type of people they do not want here.

On my bookshelf I have a copy of an out-of-print book called Education for Death: The Making of a Nazi, by Gregor Zeimer. Zeimer was an American who ran an American school in Berlin. He was permitted to tour the Nazis schools before the war started, recounting what he saw and heard in the book. I can’t describe everything in the book, but I can tell you this: The purpose of a German education then was to mold the children into the Nazi ideology, which included daily prayers to Hitler and teaching girls to be promiscuous in order to breed more Germans.

Disney made a short cartoon film of the book, chronicling the life of a German boy from birth to manhood. (Go to 8:00 for the climax of the story).

If given the chance, the federal government would love to pass a law dictating that all children attend state-run schools. But they can’t, for the time being. So instead they assist another country that has such laws in enforcing it.

Every tyrannical government in history has required children to attend state-run schools. Whoever educates the next generation controls the future.

But more importantly, parents have a natural right to raise their children as they see fit. When the State claims that right, it is essentially claiming ownership of one’s child. If you do not have the right to raise your children then what other right could you possible have?

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