If the Count of Monte Cristo had found his treasure in the U.S.

His plans of  revenge would have been stopped dead in their tracks by the IRS and the state government in which the treasure was found, who would have demanded half the loot. He’d have enough to live well. But not enough for revenge.

That’s what this couple found after they discovered $10 million worth of rare coins. After the story broke, the IRS and state government, being selfless public servants, immediately insisted that they be given their fair share for their part in the discovery…..

The couple now owe state and federal income taxes on the coins, even if they don’t sell them. In other words, they must sell them just to pay the taxes for finding them.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen this happen before.

In a Disney cartoon, that is.

In their animated version of Robin Hood, a young boy’s birthday present, a coin, is “taxed” by the Sheriff of Nottingham, i.e. he just takes it before it even falls into his hand. He even insults the kid as he sits there crying by saying that “Prince John wishes you a happy birthday, too.”

Even the Joker, a murdering, lying sociopath who has no qualms torturing children and blowing up buildings, thinks the IRs goes too far.

I’d take this as a lesson learned from someone else’s mistakes. If you’re lucky enough to find a treasure, keep it to yourself. Secrets may not make friends, but they don’t make you owe the IRS millions of dollars, either.

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