Why I will never send my kid to a public school

I could write an entire book about why I have no intention of ever sending a child (I am currently single and have no children, so this is a little premature) to public school. But instead I will simply offer these two stories that just appeared today as a justification.

The first one concerns legislation for what are called “scream rooms.” These are isolated rooms resembling cells that children are put into as a form of punishment. These have been used throughout the country on students as young as five.

I will let you read it to see for yourself. But there was one quote that left me indignant:

Lobbyists for school administrators have long opposed efforts by Washington lawmakers to establish a clear set of federal guidelines on how to discipline students. They argue that schools — and not the government — should be in charge.

Mind you, this is coming from school administrators for public schools, funded by levies collected from property taxes and the state government. A government school telling the government – even the federal government – to stay out of their own affairs, shows how removed from reality these people are. If the government stayed out of it, they wouldn’t have jobs to begin with.

It goes without saying that no parent with a shred of moral fiber left in their soul would ever endorse disciplinary practices worthy of the Ministry of Love on their children. But because the school is run by the government and funded by taxes, they have no say. There is no freedom of choice. And these tend to be poor, urban families who are powerless. If it happened in a school comprised of wealthy children whose parents were lawyers and attorneys, heads would roll so fast it’d look like the French Revolution.

Remember this: when you do not get to decide whether to pay for something but are forced to pay for it, you are not the customer and whoever performs the service has no incentive to make you happy. Parents of students have no direct say over what their school does, unless they comprise a majority voting bloc in the school district and can make it a issue when the next school levy comes around. As an individual, you have no influence.

Additionally, the purpose of a government-run school is not to teach essential skills or critical thinking, but to instill obedience to government authority, compliance to government laws and conformity to beliefs, traditions and an interpretation of history promoted by the government. It’s more than ironic that Catholic schools have a distinct reputation for strictness and sadism on the part of the teachers, who are all nuns, yet they do not employ such barbaric tactics – perhaps the fact that the parent voluntarily choose to send their child they may have something to with it.

The second story is about an honor roll student who was suspended by his school and charged by the local county sheriff’s department for having a fishing knife in his car at school. The boy agreed to let a deputy search the car after his was picked at random. The car belonged to his father, who is a professional fisherman. Because of this, the boy’s future college aspirations could be ruined.

Let that fact sink in for a moment. An academically successful boy’s life is being ruined on purpose by his school for having a fishing knife, which everyone in the case knows was his father’s. The school administrators know this. They are intentionally destroying a young man’s life based on an irrational zero tolerance policy.

I say this is being done intentionally, because there is other way to put it. If they were merely looking to protect the school, they would ask him not to bring it again, knowing it was an accident. Or they would not care. But they are doing this because having the power to ruin someone’s life is intoxicating – if you’re a sociopath. I do not use that word lightly.

Among other things, this second story provides two lessons: One, never consent to a search by any law enforcement officer under any circumstances. If they want to search anything of yours, tell them to get a warrant.

You think you have nothing to hide? Watch the video in the link. That boy thought the same thing. You don’t know because the law is written so you can never know for sure. Assume the worst. Courts have ruled that ignorance of the law is not a legitimate excuse.

The second lesson is that school bureaucrats, officers and administrators can either destroy your child’s academic career or cause you extreme misery on the flimsiest of pretenses. All it takes is an honest mistake, and it’s over. This boy may not ever get into college. He’s being forced to attend an alternative school.

If you think it won’t happen to your child, listen to the parents in the video. They thought the same.

You think it won’t happen at your school. Think again. Schools know how to hide things from parents. A girl I worked with at a grocery store was taught one day in middle school how to put condoms on wooden knobs. Parents were not notified. Her mother was furious when she was told after school that day and complained, but nobody listened, because her opinion didn’t matter. She paid taxes no matter what was done.

There are a thousand other reason I could list. But I want to be brief.

Don’t do it. Save yourself the agony, as well as your child.

If I ever have kids, I’m homeschooling them myself. Thanks to Ron Paul’s Homeschooling Curriculum, it can be done properly.

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