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Supreme Court Ruling: Presumption of guilt

In America, we’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In theory, this means that until a court of your peers has found you guilty, you are treated as though you are innocent. In practice, … Continue reading

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RE: Scream Rooms and School Shootings

A few days ago I wrote about the use of scream rooms in public schools. For the sake of keeping the article short, I put aside how disturbing it is that school faculty members not only use them, but defend … Continue reading

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Arizona religious freedom bill and the right of discrimination

There has been a lot of debate, even among libertarians, over the recent Arizona Senate Bill 1062, which would have protected people from discrimination lawsuits if they proved they had acted on a “sincerely held religious belief.” This debate has gone … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Setback and Government Regulation

This week, Bitcoin suffered a huge setback when one of the exchanges in Japan, MtGox, went offline. I won’t explain the whole background on Bitcoin, which you can learn about further here. In short, it is a digital currency not … Continue reading

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Am I free to go, or am I being detained?

Every morning as I drive to the bus station in town I listen to 95.7 FM, which plays old rock and roll songs. It also features the Bob Rivers Show. This week they interviewed Johnny Walker, an Iraqi who worked with … Continue reading

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But without government who would run the bus system?

“But without government, who would run the buses?” This is another rhetorical question I get a lot, usually at the bus stop while waiting for mine to arrive 5-10 minutes after it’s supposed to. I work in the International District … Continue reading

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Why I will never send my kid to a public school

I could write an entire book about why I have no intention of ever sending a child (I am currently single and have no children, so this is a little premature) to public school. But instead I will simply offer … Continue reading

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