American Betrayal


Chris Cantwell writes about the plight of a disabled New Hampshire Vietnam vet about to be evicted from his home by the same government subsidizing illegal immigration:

I hope whoever reads this will think long and hard about the priorities of our country and our government. When a government steals from its veterans to pay its invaders, a profound and catastrophic betrayal has occurred.

None of us should feel safe living under such a treacherous boot.

It is stories like this that help the Saxon relearn to hate. For any ordinary, decent American, this sad anecdote is just another hammer blow to the head shattering the farcical illusion that the government is theirs or looks out for them.

The governments in the United States are evil, pure and simple; it is not just because they are illegitimate entities, as all states are. Governments can still, despite these flaws, serve the interest of the people under their rule. But ours betray the most fundamental concept of tribal loyalty; they use and abuse their own people while expropriating their resources to give to others outside the tribe that have come to conquer, not maintain what has been created. While homeless American vets sleep in gutters, foreigners are imported into homogeneous, high trust communities and given housing and food, all covered by taxpayers. The intent of these acts are to destabilize and replace.

These governments then have the audacity to speak of honoring the troops and respecting the flag, all superficial, symbolic acts of pretense intended to ignore the enormous calamity they have brought to this country.

A great and tragic betrayal has indeed occurred. My only hope is these treacherous acts will inspire Americans to finally reject their identification with the United States government and begin the long, painful process of establishing a separate identity.

That can start with Americans looking out for their own who are in need. It pains me to no end to see Americans sending their money overseas to “fix” Third World nations that are permanently broken while their fellow Americans in their own communities struggle to keep a roof over their head.

As Vito Corleone remarked, a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man; a people that do not care for their own – especially its most vulnerable, the elderly, and the needy – can never be a true nation and does not deserve to be one.

It would do well for those in power to realize that when a crisis finally comes to this country, these memories will not have faded in the minds of Americans who either have suffered these injustices or quietly witnessed them.

As Stefan Molyneux recently observed, white people (Americans) are nice, until they are not. By the time they are no longer nice, it is too late to convince them otherwise because what precipitated their change of heart were years of relentless hatred and betrayal to the point where all capacity for empathy has been stripped from their consciences, leaving nothing but a terrible resolve and a “damn’d be him who first cries ‘Hold, enough!'” spirit.

Photo credit: Wiki Commons.

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I’m Now on Gab

If you’re on Gab or interested at some point, follow me at The_Question.

Since Twitter is hell-bent on censoring itself into financial insolvency, I might as well ignore it in favor of pro-free speech social media outlets.

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Don’t Let Your Enemy Raise Your Kids

An Oklahoma high school student recorded their teacher saying the following:

“To be white is to be racist, period. Am I racist? I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

I could write an entire essay on how the modern concept of “white racism” is really just a neo-Voodoo evil spirit. When people speak of the “White Man,” they are not referring to a real white man. They refer to a demon such as those found the Bible. If you’re white, you are possessed by Legion, and nothing you do can change it.

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Secure Borders Are Like Gated Communities


My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.

– Hillary Clinton in a May 16, 2013 speech to Banco Itau, a Brazilian bank.

Why would a globalist like Hillary Clinton share this position, if the outcome was a smaller, reduced state and greater individual freedom?

At this point, it’s safe to say we all know the answer.

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Why This Libertarian Believes We Will Never Abolish the State

I’m discussing this in my upcoming ebook (God knows when I’ll finish it) but a recent spat within the “liberty movement” compelled me to bring it up here first.

When a person begins their journey as a libertarian and internalizing the truths found within the philosophy, they go through various stages:

  1. Resistance –They respond to libertarianism with outrage, sarcasm, snark, and incredulity. “This can’t be true! How ridiculous to think we shouldn’t have government running everything! Without the state who would build the roads? What kind of idiot thinks like this?”
  2. Epiphany – They can’t deny the truth about the state any longer. Their attempts to refute the reasoning behind statements such as “taxation is theft” go nowhere. Suddenly everything they had sensed before about politics but couldn’t articulate becomes viscerally self-evident. It is as though an enormous veil has been removed from their eyes.
  3. Resentment– The full breadth of state intervention and violence in the world around them is revealed. The revelation leaves them bitter. “How could I have been lied to my whole life? What else have I been lied to about? My entire childhood education was based on falsehoods! How could they do this to us?”
  4. Idealism – After anger, they try to make up for their former beliefs by adopting hyper-enthusiasm. This stage is particularly lengthy among younger libertarians because they’re more easily prone to naiveté. “It’s ok, we can’t abolish the state in the near future. A stateless society is just around the corner. All we need to do is educate enough people, get enough activism going. Let’s distribute some pocket Constitutions, hold a protest rally, maybe start a blog or a podcast. That’ll show people we mean business!”
  5. Realism– The lessons from history and the political reality they see day to day gradually demolish the rationalizations behind their unfounded hopes. “We won’t ever abolish the state. We can’t even get the nomination for president. People say they want to be free, but they don’t vote that way. They aren’t machines. Logic, reason, and evidence may convince some, but people are primarily motivated by incentives. No matter how many times we’re proven right, people will not believe us. We can’t sit around and wait for the world to change. We must focus on changing our own lives.”

I have reached the fifth stage a while back.

What convinced me?

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When Every Knee Shall Bow


I wanted to avoid commenting on the whole Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem controversy when it first blew up. It became quickly obvious the debate was riddled with common tropes that I’ve discussed here more times than I care to count.

However, I feel compelled to bring it up only insofar as it serves to illustrate a larger point that has been all but ignored in the debate.

Nearly everyone, including a lot of libertarians, have interpreted this behavior totally wrong. Those who kneel do so based on their belief that young black men are being unjustly oppressed at the hands of law enforcement agencies due to their possession by a voodoo-inspired evil spirit called “racism.”

They are not protesting qualified immunity, sovereign immunity, or government programs that have destroyed the black nuclear family and contributed to a high illegitimacy and crime rate.

Most of those who criticize people kneeling provide mangled answers about honoring the flag and something about patriotism, because they are not truly aware of what it is that bothers them about this.

As I wrote in Honoring the Troops:

Traditionalists believe in honoring the troops because an indication of a healthy, stable culture is one which honors those who sacrifice for it. A lack of gratitude is a sign of a culture coming apart. This is partly why they are so desperate to maintain the ritual, even if they have trouble justifying it.

Military veterans, on the surface, would appear to make sacrifices for the sake of the country, because it fits with a simplistic view of “sacrifice.” The possibly violent, deadly reality of their work, usually thousands of miles away in less than pleasant conditions against people who usually less than civilized, makes it easy to believe they deserve recognition. The battle scars and wounds help sell this image.

Additionally, warriors have been regarded as the protectors of a community for millennia, from the days of small tribes and clans to the nation states.

The sentimentalism in “honoring the troops” shouldn’t be dismissed, either. It hearkens back to Norman Rockwell-like days and encourages a sense of unity. It also distracts from the ugly realities of modern America – that one’s fellow Americans are a bigger enemy than anyone outside of it.

Having said that, if someone does not want to stand during the national anthem, by all means have at it. I don’t say the pledge of allegiance anymore, but for wholly separate reasons. I disagree with what the pledge says as a political and religious statement.

But it is foolish for libertarians to cheer on political protests against state when they are inspired by a falsehood because it triggers visceral reactions among Boobus Americanus.

In a recent podcast historian Brion McClanahan correctly identifies the debate as one over nationalism (5:00). By kneeling, people like Kaepernick are demolishing the charade of national unity, specifically that of tribal unity.

He is demonstrating that many people in this country do not see themselves as Americans. Remember, Americanism is an extension of Anglo-Saxon culture.

These people are saying “we are not one country and you are not my people” – that Kaepernick was raised by a white family only highlights the truth that while culture matters, so does race.

The Star Spangled Banner may be the official government anthem, but libertarians need not be autistic about this. It is not the federal government most Americans honor when they stand up and put their hand over their heart in honor of the flag. They do the same thing when a band plays America the Beautiful, and had Kaepernick and others not stood for that it would have been just as controversial

They’re paying homage to their ancestors, not politicians. They’re engaging in a cultural tradition that symbolizes national unity and commonality among a people, like every other nation on earth. The Star Spangled Banner’s lyrics celebrate a critical victory in the Second War of Independence against England. It is not a song praising our government.

Kneeling during the anthem offends the political sensibilities of those who want to maintain the illusion that the United States is an American nation. Unfortunately, the days of Norman Rockwell’s America that boasted a 90 percent white majority are over.

The United States is now a balkanized empire comprised of many nations divided into different peoples who have only one thing in common; they are under the rule of the same centralized governments. Within these nation states you have peoples with little in common with another. We are a people held together against our will on the religious doctrine of one nation, indivisible.

The insistence on maintaining one country no matter how divergent our directions regionally becomes quite absurd when you consider that at an individual level a spouse is free to abandon their partner for any reason whatsoever under “no-fault divorce,” despite their vow to remain together “til death do us part.” They can then collect cash, prizes, and child custody while they’re at it. You can literally cheat on your spouse and file for divorce on the same day and it will have no bearing on the divorce settlement.

Meanwhile, we as a nation are at each others’ throats, yet insist the possibility of civil war and our own Irish Troubles is preferable to peaceful dissolution.

Another myth that perpetuates this collective discord is the ridiculous idea that “diversity is our strength.” Therefore, we must destroy any semblance of homogeneity or communal harmony. I cannot for the life of me think of how forcing association with someone who does not speak your language, adhere to your culture, worship your god, prioritize the same lifestyle, descend from the same ethnic line, or have the same first principles can result in anything but conflict.

This brings us back to the inevitable conclusion that the United States is not an American nation anymore. The government that rules is not looking out for the best interests of Americans, and at this point it does not even pretend to do so.

The national anthem represents American cultural and historical heritage, but it is not shared by others who are neither Americans nor wish to be.

We will continue to see this peculiar sense of confused and disorganized outrage until either Americans acknowledge reality and begin the painful process of reestablishing their own separate identity or every knee shall bow at the sound of “oh say can you see….”

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The Wiglaf Question

stories_of_beowulf_wiglaf_and_beowulfThe ancient Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf concludes with the young thegn (thane) Wiglaf as the last of the titular hero’s surviving relatives. Mourning Beowulf’s death by a dragon, Wiglaf envisions a dark future for their people. He knows that news of Beowulf’s passing will spread to neighboring tribes and inspire them to attack.

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