Enemy In The Gates

This week a friend of mine made a comment about how pro-Western advocates opposed to soft-invasion via state-sponsored migration can often overlook the internal problems contributing to the debate itself.

I heartily agree. Stuff like this New York Beta Times article and the increasing sexualizing of young children proves his point, and the one I’m about to make.

The stuff we want to preserve is already dead. The American culture we all loved and wanted to live in is gone. You might as well try resurrecting old time radio serials in the hopes kids will put down their XBox.

The barbarians are swarming within the city’s gates, but the city fell before they entered it, for they did not enter in face of great resistance by its defenders. They were welcomed by the decadent and morally degenerate inhabitants who had long been working to destroy everything and anything worth protecting inside their city before throwing the gates open far and wide to all except the only people willing to fight for it.

Like the concluding scene to Orwell’s Animal Farm, it’s impossible to tell which from which; the barbarians and the “civilized.”

I say let them eat each other while we try to build something new that is noble, beautiful, and good.

Photo credit: Wiki Commons.

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The Battle of Portland

Yours truly successfully navigated hordes of antifas in Chapman Square in downtown Portland to reach the Free Speech rally on federal property put on by Patriot Prayer (how I managed that trek will remain confidential).

The free speech rally had been planned for a while, but things got ugly after a mentally ill man stabbed several people on a Portland train just days before the event. The Portland mayor called for the rally’s permit (on federal grounds) to be revoked.

Naturally, everyone on the Left was eager to frame the rally as a defense of the stabbings and promoting violent threats – something antifa would know plenty about.

Below is Joey Gibson, the “white supremacist” head of Patriot Prayer who hosted the event (incidentally, hardly any of the mainstream media stories mentioned his ethnicity or included a photo of him). When the Left talks about inclusiveness, that also applies to those whom they smear and slander.


I’ve never seen so many law enforcement officers in one place. There were at least half a dozen local, state, and federal agencies surrounding the rally and acting as a buffer between free speech advocates and the antifa/communist protesters. SUVS would arrive on the road with a dozen officers hanging onto the outside.

Their sympathies were unknown; although they pushed the protesters out of Chapman Square once illegal activity took place, they were also vigilant with the free speech advocates and quick to enforce all rules on them. There were also rumors undercover FBI agents were mingling among the crowds watching for any excuse to make an arrest.

This video features what appears to be an undercover law enforcement officer taunting Gibson into fighting, only to abruptly turn and grab a protester and throw him to the cops without fear of arrest.

From the plaza, I was able to take the following photos:

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Globalism Is Neo-Babelism

The Tower of Babel


A European Union poster.


Much like this pro-open borders/immigration image, a picture is truly worth a thousand words and reveals far more about the intent of the movement than its proponents will ever care to admit.


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Slavery Of The Mind

Jack Donovan writes why he is not a white nationalist:

We live in an age where the strongest white men in the world allow themselves to be pushed around by gossipy bloggers, church ladies, sleazy reporters, rent-seeking academic activists, little fat screaming lesbians and weak autistic hipsters.

The best and most successful white men in the world are infected with parasites and if they refuse to stand up and tell these garbage people to fuck off, they deserve to fail. They deserve to be enslaved by their lessers. Their race deserves to perish.

I’m not a White Nationalist because I don’t think people are worth saving just because they’re white.

Okay, you’re white. Great. Most white people suck. What else have you got?

I share a genetic and cultural heritage with white people. Race is more than “skin color.” But all white people are not my people. I don’t particularly care about the fate of any racial group. What happens to “white people” is not my problem or my responsibility. I want to be surrounded with people who share not only my vague common ancestry, but my values and beliefs. Anyone who read Becoming a Barbarian knows I don’t care about “the politics of the Empire.” I want to leave it all behind.

I wanted to springboard off his remarks and say a few things that have been percolating in my head as of late. It can apply to libertarians just as much as white nationalists – and pretty much everybody in-between.

There are two forms of slavery.

The state clearly enforces an indirect form of physical slavery. It enslaves you by taxing your labor, your purchases, your sales, your everyday activities. It uses coercion and aggression to control where you go, where you work, and how you live.

But there is another kind of slavery that is far more dangerous, destructive, and harmful. That is the slavery of the mind.

And the thing about it, is that the state doesn’t have to do anything. Most people willingly enslave their own minds.


They enslave themselves when they surrender to inaction or passivity because they believe nothing they do matters.

They enslave themselves when, rather than taking meaningful action in their life, they are glued to the latest happenings in D.C. as though it were a matter of life and death.

They enslave themselves when they waste countless hours online bitching about things happening thousands of miles away that in reality has zero effect on things they might otherwise do.

They enslave themselves when they are unable to experience happiness and joy because of unhealthy obsessions with existential problems, real or imagined. The state is evil and a criminal entity, but it can’t stop you from enjoying a beautiful summer day or a moment of peaceful serenity on a winter’s night. It can’t prevent you from relishing a good book or having good conversation in social company.

They enslave themselves when they live vicariously through the state and seek legitimacy through it. Rather than create their own communities, celebrate their own holidays, honor their own heroes, erect their own monuments, they fight over control of institutions that have long been coopted.

They enslave themselves when they focus on impersonal problems rather than personal improvement.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Too many people want the courage to change things they cannot and the serenity to accept things they can change as they are.

If there is one thing I would advise to anyone, it’s to let go of things beyond your control. Your caring or not caring about them means nothing. Care about what you can achieve and accomplish. Stop allowing irrelevant external events to dictate your life decisions. Stop asking or waiting for permission from anyone.

Moreover, stop worrying about the fate of people for whom you are not responsible for nor hold authority over. It’s not your fault, and it’s not your problem.

Take responsibility only for that which you have authority. As for the rest, say a prayer and accept it.

As Bob Marley put it, emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

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How Game Theory Explains Gender Pay Gap

Last weekend, libertarian Walter Block spoke at the Mises Institute event in Seattle titled House of Cards: Has the US Economy Recovered? His speech concerned the gender pay gap myth.

I thought it would be worth noting the unwitting connection he made between economic truths and the Chateau Fundamental Premise: sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive.

In his lecture, Block explained that there is indeed a pay gap between men and women, but the reason for that gap is not sexism or workplace discrimination. As many other economists have noted, other factors come into play, such as women leaving the office to give birth and raise children.

I won’t rehash them here, but one point Block highlighted was particularly insightful.

The argument was this: Discrepancies between men and women are due to a bell curve effect regarding IQ. Women are more or less clustered in the center, while men compromise the extremes. Most CEOs and bigwig business leaders are men, but men also make up the vast majority of the mentally ill, the homeless, the criminal population, and workplace deaths.

This gender inequality is absolutely necessary for the stability of civilization, Block argued, because if not the population would collapse. Instead of marrying and/or having children, far too many women would die childless due to homelessness, mental illness, workplace deaths, or criminal activity and imprisonment.

It’s very possible an ancient civilization tried to impose a form of gender equality and fell apart either from internal strife or severe depopulation.

Whether it’s game theory confirming economics or economics confirming game, it’s proof that have a wide-range understanding of the world is important if you’re going to accurately interpret reality.





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The Deep State and Trump

At this point they’re not even bothering to maintain pretenses.

This nation is governed by the Deep State. It calls the shots, not elected leaders. They are so confident about this they will admit it live on national news.

I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors or what deals are being made with whom, but it’s self-evident by now that there is a power struggle for control of the empire.


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Why Neutrality Is Impossible

Jeffrey Tucker recently wrote what was a surprisingly thoughtful, nuanced piece on how Fight Club foreshadowed much of the Alt. Right and the circumstances that gave rise to it. It gives me hope that eventually he will acknowledge that the movement is a reaction – regardless of one’s thoughts on its merits – to legitimate grievances. Therefore, those grievances must be addressed if the problems he sees with the Alt. Right are to be resolved. They did not appear without context.

If libertarians can do this, then they regain relevance in the discussion.

However, Tucker’s piece ends with a flawed conclusion regarding the fighting between the Alt. Right groups and antifas. He advocates for a nonintervention policy, but this assumes that only those who want to be a part of Fight Club participate.

What happens when nonparticipants are targeted for violence?

This is why the attempted legal extortion of Richard Spencer’s mother should alarm all. If they can go after innocent relatives of political activists, then they can go after anyone for any reason. They will target brothers, sisters, spouses, and grandparents. Or, they will go after friends of friends.

It proves my point that no one is truly apolitical; you may not want to get involved in politics, but sooner or later politics get involved in you. Neutrality is impossible when your participation either way is required by one or more parties.

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