Burning the Flags of Our Forefathers

Weeping Parisians

Our President Elect Donald Trump cannot seem to keep himself out of the spotlight for long. Even before he’s taken office, he’s already garnered controversy day after day after day.

Most recently, he proposed a law via Twitter against burning an American flag, with the penalty a fine or loss of citizenship. Predictably, his detractors cried bloody murder – until they realized Clinton herself sponsored such a bill several years (on a side, Chateau Heartiste thinks this is all one giant trolling op by Trump).

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Is Libertarianism A Slave Morality?


Sirjamesthegood at the Right Stuff makes the case that libertarianism is a special form of slave morality and the Alt. Right offers a true laissez-faire environment. Although he makes many discerning observations related to libertarian concepts such as property ownership, I disagree with him that  certain values are inextricably connected to libertarianism. As I’ve addressed in the past, many of these so-called libertarian beliefs are based on people’s biased and self-interested interpretation of the philosophy.

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Why Yes California Will Be A No-Go

Tom Woods’ latest blog post goes through the hilariously pitiful spectacle that is the California secession effort.

Because Yes California is a leftist organization, even when it’s right it’s wrong. The group claims it could not secede from the Union unless a constitutional amendment were ratified to allow it.

It goes on to cite the ludicrous Texas v. White (1869), which declared secession unconstitutional without deigning to employ such coarse instruments as reason or evidence.

In fact, (1) secession is perfectly constitutional, and (2) in the last resort the states, which created the Union, can’t be held hostage by a court they themselves established, as James Madison explained in his Report of 1800.

The Yes California group would know all the constitutional arguments in favor of state secession if they could bring themselves to read — or indeed were aware of the existence of — the various antebellum and postbellum southern constitutional commentaries that dealt with this question.

Since southerners are the very kind of people Yes California wants to separate from, they cannot even bring themselves to consider these sources. In other words, it’s the usual arrogance.

I’m going to preach this message until either I collapse or this blog gets shut down; the Left will never, ever, ever try to reduce the State or push for state’s rights even if that power they fight to preserve is used against them. They will never go all-out in favor of decentralization, no matter how it is in their interests to do so.

Their world lens only allows one possibility: A larger, bigger, stronger state with their people in charge so they can fulfill the Vision like the good state priests they are. They would rather perish than see the state power they lust for so dearly be taken away.

Part of this stems from a dualistic strategy they employ; if they are in charge of a large state, they can use the power available to suppress their enemies. However, if they are not in charge then they can claim victimhood status as the oppressed, until pity or moral appeals convince those in control to relinquish authority over to the Left.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Neither of these scenarios are possible if the state is externally constrained. It is why Progs will dismiss any suggestion that state authority be curtailed, even if it means the Right is deprived control over them, because it provides them no benefit whatsoever.

That’s why the discussion about limited government versus big government cannot exist in a nation where roughly half believe in a large State come hell or high water and depend on it for their existence.

For now and the foreseeable future, the fight is nationalism versus globalism.

As libertarians we can dislike this frame all we want and yearn for the day when people question the legitimacy of the state itself, but that doesn’t change anything. Refusing to acknowledge the context of the current political feud only makes our points as irrelevant as observations about the Titanic’s design flaws while the ship is listing.

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Converting Leftists Into Libertarians: An Exercise in Futility

Justin Moldow at Liberty Hangout laments the libertarian movement’s continuing delusion that leftists make natural liberty lovers (bold emphasis added).

Even though these leftists just voted for the biggest warmongering neocon in the race, they are convinced that leftists will once again turn anti-war, anti-authority, and be ripe for the message of liberty. However leftists have no understanding of economics and would jump at the opportunity to steal half of our income, force us to fund their welfare and birth control, force us to fund their healthcare, force us to fund their college educations, force us to give up our guns, force businesses to raise their minimum wages, force us to practice our religion only in the confines of our homes, force us to get vaccinated, force us to give them safe spaces, force us to give up our cars, force oil companies to close their refineries, force us to use solar and wind power, force us to give up any surplus of resources, force us to associate with people against our will, force us to provide services against our will, force us to barter in only Federal Reserve notes, force us to break windows to create jobs, force us to eradicate property lines, force us to give dues to the United Nations, force us to be part of an involuntary collective, force us to shut up if they don’t like what we have to say, and force us to give them a platform for this dangerous ideology – and despite all this, there are many libertarians that believe they will suddenly adopt the ways of small government just because Donald Trump has become President of the United States.

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Heil Pearl-Clutching!

The pearl-clutching and virtue-signaling reached Everest-high heights this week in response to a very thoughtful, articulate speech by Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute. Spencer concluded his talk with “Hail Trump. Hail our people. Hail victory!” In response, a bunch of LARPers, trolls, or fifth columnists did the Roman/Nazi salute – all in the presence of mainstream media.

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Give No Quarter

Vice President Elect Mike Pence recently got booed during a performance of a musical about Alexander Hamilton. He was later giving a moral lecture by the cast and a far worse reception from the audience.

Gary North says Pence got what he deserved for paying an absurd amount of money to see a tasteless musical about a politically flawed man whom we should not admire. I appreciate North’s perspective, but he’s applying the wrong lens to this incident. This wasn’t about Hamilton’s politics. Pence wasn’t booed for what he thought of Hamilton.

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Your Chance to Attend The Best Online Libertarian University


Back in 2012, Tom Woods started a site called Liberty Classroom. The purpose of it was to teach people about real economics while providing a freedom-based education on history and philosophy.

Some of the courses include Introduction to Logic, Western Civilization, and Western mythology and feature well-known liberty professors such as Gerard Casey, author of Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State.

I joined the first year it was available, and now I am a life-time member because it has been the best educational investment I’ve made in my entire life. It is the sort of learning I thought I would receive in college but for the most part did not, and for a cheaper price than a college quarter course.

Membership affords you unlimited access to the material that you can either watch as videos or listen to as mp3s in your car. Half of these courses I’ve taken during my morning and evening commute or during workouts. If you sign up for the lifetime membership you get that same access to any and all the new courses that come out.

Beyond the fascinating, profound concepts presented, the education obtained from these classes has without question made me a smarter, more informed libertarian and helped me understand classical works I struggled to comprehend on my own.

In fact, I directly applied lessons from Casey’s logic course for an essay in my upcoming ebook in which I use logical deduction to argue for the existence of natural rights. I’m also working on a marketing/tourism project that involves mythology and needed to understand it better; the course by Bradley J. Birzer was absolutely incredible and provided a thorough history of why mythology matters.

If nothing else, it saves you the time and effort trying to figure out who or what to trust out there on these topics.

And best of all, you’re getting an education from professors at top-notch universities without having to actually apply and pay the regular tuition rates as the normal students. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about a piece of paper. I care about knowledge.

If you’re looking for a gift to give to a loved one or something for yourself, I highly recommend signing up as a member.

Photo Credit: Mises Institute.

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